About Us

Welcome to Sally-Goose Handmade! 

My name is Sally Williams the owner, designer and fabricator of Sally-Goose Handmade. I'm a wife as well as an aunt of nearly 20 and absolutely love handmade gifts.

Crafting, art and creating has always been a great stress reliever for me. This couldn't have been more apparent while my husband and I were going through fertility treatments over the past year. We decided to put my creations out there to be shared instead of just filling up my craft space, and maybe be able to throw a nickel or two to the cost of treatment as well.

When coming up with the name I immediately thought of the nickname my dad gave me as a child. Sally-Goose has been my moniker from him for as long as I can remember and it always made me feel so special when hearing it. So I thought it only fitting to bestow that name onto something that can make other kiddos feel special as well.

All our bows and clips are made, by hand, in small batches and each one is unique!

We are based out of Tyler, Texas and you can reach us anytime at SallyGooseHandmade@gmail.com